Leawo Video Converter Lite App Reviews

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alles bestens macht was es soll



Is an update planned?

I haven’t used the program in a while, and I wanted to use it today, but it immediately crashed. Is this a compatibility problem with OS 10.10.2? Is there an update planned?

one of the Best App EVER !!

I recommend this App very much, very helpful, easy to use, very fast converter I ever know !!

Crash on start

Thats it, just the good ol "Free Video Converter quit unexpectedly". Os X 10.7.1

Worked For me!

No watermark! Thats the biggest thing I was happy about. Conversion a bit on the slow side, but altogether, Im satisfied.

Works Perfect!

I have used this so many times and it has done the job everytime! And it is free! Great!

solid product

its sometimes hard to find movies that are compatible for mobile devices this app works great to change things into mp4 and does so very well.

Incredible! FAST!!

Like it says. Its the fastest converter out there, doesnt seem as picky about input formats as others, and you can do multiple files at once. A miracle! Ill buy the upgrade when I have the cash. Great app!!!

Works Great

Finally!!….Converted my Sony MTS files ….sweet thnx

Very Impressed

Awesome job adding subtitles with no lag. Faster than expected. No complaints, would recommend definitely.

It did NOT work wonders for me at ALL

I disliked this SO much. Dispite it was FAST conversion but it failed to convert my movies from iTunes to MP4 to play on my PS3.

cutting off

For some reason, this app cuts off the end of all my clips. Why, why why??!!!!

Cuts off the end of clips


Its really good, thank you!!!

I have been looking for an app that works. Trust me I have tried several and they dont. I have a camcorder that records in ACVHD format and this is the only app that convert to a simply MP4 format, quick and without any fuss. Very easy to use.

Cuts off End of Video

I tried reading the support details for this problem and the instructions do not match up to their product window. Quality looks good but not able to get the whole video converted so not much help.


It threw my original video in the trash! Dont get this awful thing.


Misleading application. Advertises a free video converter, but doesn’t offer the functionality of a video converter without subscribing.

Uninstall properly…cannot uninstall

How to you uninstall this program?

Great app!

After downloading and installing plenty of useless video converters for mac, I found this one the only one working really good, great interface and plenty of options, other “free apps" out there are cheating and hide restrictions. Great job guys and thanks for share it for free to the world!

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