Leawo Video Converter Lite App Reviews

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Its ok for multiple little conversions

The best for multiple little file conversion. Its Slower than the other free converter "Smart converter", maybe it has more formats of file ,but without a doubt it can sustain multiple conversions. this is cool.

convert downloads to play in iTunes

avi to mp4 like nothing. a little slow but the end quality is GREAT for a free app. Rated 4 stars cause of the ads.

Best I

When switching to a Mac from a PC, I found it very hard to find a decent video converter for all my videos. Many of the crashed and failed, or cut off after a certain time etc. This app is perfect, simply drag a video into it, and convert it. That simple, that easy, great quality. no complaints.

No work

Cant get any files to convert to any other format

Great Product

This cconverter is by far the best output quality i have seen in a free converter. Quality does take some time but it is well worth the wait. I have reccomended this product to many friends as well. Thank You for the Great Free Product


this app is probly the best app for video converting. why spend $1-10 on a video converting app when u can get this one for free? probly the best free app and the best converter app ive ever seen. well done!


Good App But Lack of MKV Support, and little mor features


DONT USE IT. AVOID AT ALL COST. does not even let you upload the file to be converted.

New version stopped working!!!!

Really liked this one. Would do 4 files at a time, now it just says 4 files failed at a time… Useless until fixed


The app says that it converst VOB files but it DOES NOT!!!!!

it cannnnnnot run on my mac mini

it cannnnnnot run on my mac mini

Works Great!

Thank you for making this app! It works fast and flawlessly and it free. No problems with it so far..

hate it!!!

Doesnt work….everytime i load the video and choose how to convert it stops unexpectedly. Ive tried several times and nothing seems to work.

Incomplete conversions .

Several attempts at converting files found that this app only partially completed every one attempted. Needs work.

So far so good...

It does what I need it to, no complaints.

It turned an m4v into an mp4

Title says it

Great free converter

If youre using presets, this app is very easy to use. If you prefer custom settings, it is only slightly cumbersome to figure out exactly how to execute your specifications - much less so than other similar converters. Produces quality results, utilizes an informative interface, and allows a substantial level of customization to go with an impressive array of presets. Using Mountain Lion, and Im not having any of the reliability issues reported by some users.

Only a Sampler!!!

This App only converted 16 mins of the hour movie I needed converted from mkv to m4v

cannot upload mkv

For me, the program will not upload mkv files. I was hoping to convert mkv to mpg4 or avi, but no luck. The search continues.


This app works great.

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